Over 300% increase in leads, with the same traffic and budget spent

The story

Cellulem Block is an international franchise, with over 300 centers in 7 countries. We are currently working with the 4 beauty centers opened in Romania, in Bucharest and Constanta.

Our collaboration with Cellulem Block started when we created their first .ro website back in 2012. After a short time we took the next step in our relationship and began working on their online marketing, doing SEO, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns.

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Our goal

In the past 5 years our goal has been to get more qualified leads, by increasing the organic rankings, drive qualified traffic to the website and build brand awareness.

It was time to seek new growth opportunities, as the results were not increasing at the same rate as before, despite continuously optimizing of our campaigns.

After thorough research and analysis we got to an important conclusion. We needed a solution that would increase results on all channels and techniques. We needed to optimize our website for conversions.

The solution

Optimizing your website for conversions could mean just a few tweaks, like making your forms more visible, or it could lead to a complete website redesign. It all depends on the state in which your website is, and on the kind of problems your users are facing when navigating the website.

For we’ve decided to go with a complete redesign because we needed:

  • to create an easy and fulfilling mobile experience for users – the previous website wasn’t responsive, and didn’t have a mobile dedicated version;
  • to rethink every service page as a landing page – the previous website had a lot of useful information but failed to present it in a compelling way ;

The new website had the following features:

  • A responsive design – we resized all elements in the website so users could read, click on buttons, navigate through the website and complete the form easily from their mobile phones ;
  • Compelling text copy – we did a bit of copywriting magic so that users can understand what this site offers and why they should buy and trust this brand in the first 15 seconds spent on any page ;
  • Landing pages – we converted all service pages into landing pages, choosing to go with the long-format landing pages where the users have all the information needed to convert, structured in a way that is easy and clear for them to go through ;
  • Simplified menu and services – we simplified the main menu, regrouped services so that it is clear what the beauty center offers, and created new services for different types of target audiences (women vs men) ;

The results

We increased by 257.76% the overall conversion rate of the site, bringing 308.57% more leads (year over year) with approximately the same volume of visits.

Thanks to the new landing page format of the service pages, we got the following results just a month after the launch:

  • 7.07% lower bounce rate;
  • 76.96% increase in conversion rate;
  • 88.00% more leads;

In the same month, thanks to the new landing page format and the responsive design, for mobile users, we achieved:

  • 10.28% lower bounce rate;
  • 744.62% increase in conversion rate;
  • 933.33% more leads;

The redesign of the website increased results on all marketing channels. After the first month all our paid campaigns attracted more leads at a lower cost.

For Google AdWords campaigns, where we invested the same budget as in the previous year, we got:

  • 20.91% lower bounce rate;
  • 21.70% lower cost per click;
  • 77.03% lower cost per conversion;
  • 342.86% increase in number of leads;

What our clients say
“Undoubtedly my collaboration with Netlogiq is a successful one. I don't even know how many years have passed, it has been a while anyway. They are a creative team, with many ideas, who keep up with what’s new in their industry. They offer comprehensive solutions and are especially responsive to any problem, question or proposal coming for us. We have the best website in our industry and that makes us proud, but more than that, the new website brings results and I can see it in our sales.”
Anamaria Vaduva
CEO at Cellulem Block Bellezza
“Just to say thanks for our lovely new site, we love it! You guys have been very responsive and great throughout which is a big help. We know the work is not over but we are celebrating now.”
Alicia Lai
Director at Bourgeois Boheme
“I was very happy to work with Netlogiq when we needed excellent support for our web sites. Unfailing cheerful, fast helpful responses and innovative solutions make Netlogiq a company I would be happy to recommend.”
Frances Moss
Hot Tub Barn Ltd
“We worked with Netlogiq on a very complex Wordpress project which turns out to be an exceptional website for our company. The agency helped us with great development ideas and out-of-the-box solutions for our unexpected challenges. We appreciated their professionalism, commitment and dedication!”
Alexandru Radavoi
Marketing Operations Manager at Evalueserve
“We found the team at NETLOGIQ to be extremely helpful through the entire process, from the conceptual phase to the website's completion. They showed great patience with us when ideas changed and amendments had to be made. All in all we found the entire experience to be a pleasurable one and the resulting website with its ecommerce functionality has greatly increased our presence in our chosen industry and massively increased our sales.”
Darren Kurton
Director at Kingdom Coffee
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