The powerful Magento platform powers a power tools store

Our client

Mafcom is a local business, very well known by industrial businesses, builders and DIY-ers in our city. They own a 2000 sqm brick-and-mortar store, and an even larger warehouse, selling power tools, hand tools, accessories, safety equipment and other similar products.

We developed the first version of their site in 2008 on our proprietary CMS – which was simple and effective, albeit somehow limited in terms of features. The online store grew very nicely in terms of sales and customer base, aided by a steady SEO strategy.

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What the client wanted

The previous site was developed on top of a proprietary ASP.NET platform (our own). Changes to the site functionality started to be expensive, and the design was clearly outdated.

The clients needed badly:

  • Better layered navigation. Mafcom carries a large number of different items, and visitors had a hard time finding the right products, especially in categories with thousands of products. This was the main driver behind this replatforming project.

  • A better shipping cost calculation mechanism. The site had a flat shipping fee, but there were exceptions like very heavy and large items. The sales people had to send the buyers a separate quotation for the shipping costs for these outlier products.

  • Better reports. They were aware of Google Analytics’s Ecommerce reports, but the old site was not easy to integrate with GA in order to gather product and transaction data.

  • Incentivize current clients. The previous site was successful in most part due to repeat clients. The client needed a way to strengthen the ties with these clients and better leverage the relationships.

The client had ambitious plans for the site which were not possible with the old platform. So we decided together it was time for a, version 2, new and improved formula. 🙂

The solutions

  • A loyalty points plan. Buyers would get points for each order (depending on order value) and for actions like registering, rating products or writing product reviews.

  • A responsive design. Google Analytics statistics showed that over 30% of visits were mobile so we had to improve the experience for the mobile visitors. Since at that time most mobile device companies already had in their portfolio devices with larger screens (over 5 and 6 inches) and we began to see them in people’s hands all over the place, the mobile usage was definitely going up.

  • Real-time inventory in the site. The site already had been hooked up to their ERP – so stock availability and prices were updated automatically at a certain time interval.

What we did

So we started working on this site and:

  • designed it and implemented it

  • transferred the products from the old site to the new one

  • devised the loyalty points rules

  • developed again the integration mechanisms with the ERP and the shipping carrier

  • looked for solutions to the other custom needs of the client – many of them needed creating new modules since these needs were very specific to Mafcom and not present among the standard Magento features or existing modules

It was a lot of work for both us and the client, but we finally launched the site. Before that, we had to make a new SEO plan and, of course, set the redirections so that Google would not hit on the organic traffic too much after the move.

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